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Hi friend, this is Alina and I am what would people call an “ex-insomniac“. I struggled with insomnia myself in the past and I know how hard life can get. I understand the anxiety, the constant look for the cure, the desperation and isolation one might feel when sleep doesn't come that easy – no matter how hard they try.

And my first words to those who find themselves in that place – you aren't alone.

Insomnia usually feels like a vicious circle, the more you try the less sleep you get, but with the right approach, this circle can be broken.

These Letters are a part of my project that is meant to support people with insomnia on their journey to peaceful sleep. Everything I share comes from my deep experience with insomnia and the honest work I did to get out of it. It was not easy for the most part of it, but it was totally worth it.

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A former insomniac sharing personal insights on how to end insomnia and sleep anxiety